Next on Bench, Rush, or Standard Calibrations, when your company requires accurate measurements for finely tuned equipment with very strict tolerances and needs certified, detailed data and information analysis, Field Calibrations is the right choice.

Since 1983 Field Calibrations has consistently delivered to our customers’ needs with the highest level of integrity, expertise and professionalism. Field Calibrations is ISO/IEC 17025-2005 accredited and provides NIST traceable calibration as well as being a Native American owned business. Local to global – our broad scope of capabilities and experience provides us the ability to service any size company.

What is Calibration?

Time, use, and environment have an effect on everything – the accuracy of finely tuned instruments used for measurement can, over time, become inaccurate. In order to ensure the precision of equipment used to measure known quantities it is necessary to calibrate them. Calibration is the process of proving and correcting the accuracy of measured results in order to correlate those readings to a standard, known value within a given degree of certainty. This process is the science of measurement known as Metrology. Simply put, if you monitor an output it needs to be accurate.

What Can We Calibrate For Your Business?

Accurate calibration is absolutely critical to ensure that when producing products, measuring goods or providing services. Setting standards, tolerances or limits allows businesses to guarantee that their products and services are reliable and accurate. Calibration is, thus, a crucial quality control tool for businesses; both, acting as a safeguard against fraudulent claims and certifying correct operation of products.

Over time, science and industry have adopted standards for quantifiable measurements, which are aligned – or traceable – to national and global standards. Traceable calibration within 95% certainty of a known measurement is the ISO 17025-2005 standard. The Field Calibrations team of experts provide ISO 17025 service to our many clients; our detailed certifications with “As Found – As Left” data are standard deliverables with each job.


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