Instrument Calibration Services in Phoenix, AZ

Field Calibrations Inc. (FCI) provides a wide variety of instrument calibration services (often referred to as metrology services) to electronic, thermal, pressure, and dimensional calibrations to exacting standards. The listed items below are many examples of instruments we calibrate. Please call for assistance on items not listed and we will give you an accurate assessment according to our scope of Accreditation. Our capabilities by discipline are: Physical/Dimensional – DC/Low – Microwave – Thermal/Environmental.

Accredited Lab / Scope of Work Covered

As an ISO/IED 17025 Accredited lab, FCI insures your instrument calibration services comply with QS9000, AS9000, or government agency contract requirements. Through the International Accreditation Service (IAS) as Calibration Laboratory CL-112 which has met the requirements of the IAS Accreditation Criteria for Calibration Laboratories (AC204), which has demonstrated compliance with the ISO/IEC Standard 17025:2017, General requirements of the competence of testing and calibration laboratories.

The Laboratory meets IAS program requirements in the field of calibration for the Scope of Accreditation and Certification as stated. Follow this link to see our Accreditations and the differences in types of certifications.

ISO Compliant / Accredited Metrology Services

Please be aware “Compliant” and “Accredited” are not equal certifications. Compliant metrology labs have not gone through the formal third-party accreditation audit process, which is not an acceptable audit trail for aerospace and other stringent quality programs. We provide specifications in compliance to ANSI Z540-1994, ISO Guide 25, ISO 17025 or ISO 10012, you should be receiving “as found” and “as left” data for the instrument calibration services, plus statements of uncertainty for all parameters tested as standard service. Calibration data is an important tool in process control – and when it comes to ISO accreditation/registration within your company—wouldn’t you rather deal with a “preventive action” than a “corrective action”? Our metrology services come with data that will provide you with an overview of process trends in your equipment. (If the trend is toward an “out-of-tolerance” condition, reducing the calibration interval or adjusting your equipment prior to evidence of the out-of-tolerance condition may save you some major headaches, such as recalls and $$$$).

Adequate Procedures

There often is nothing wrong with using a procedure developed “in-house”, and in some cases an “in-house” procedure or one derived from another source (such as the US Navy (METCAL), Air Force Precision Measurement Equipment Lab (PMEL), U.S. Army TMDE Activity (USATA), etc.) can be more thorough than one provided by some manufacturers. FCI chooses the side of thoroughness and provides a comprehensive testing of the full range of all parameters using either the manufacture’s procedure or ones developed in-house as mentioned. You can be confident that you are receiving a well-documented calibration certification from FCI. Unless specifically requested, we do not do an abbreviate calibration to the manufacturer’s specifications; this means we check the full range and not just parts within the manufacturer’s specifications with an abridged test that can miss an out of tolerance condition. We check all functions and not just certain functions; this insures that our instrument calibration services provide the highest level of accuracy, and can be considered fully calibrated rather than partially calibrated. Partial calibration should have a limited calibration label and certifications stating those limitations. Field Calibrations Quality Assurance program is considered outstanding by our customers for these reasons. Call (480) 756-8828, e-mail, or fill out our quick and easy contact form today for our instrument calibration services.

Alignments / Adjustments / Equipment Recall

FCI does not charge for adjusting your equipment. That’s correct, no extra fee to adjust your equipment, it is part of our instrument calibration services. Only in very rare instances where you will be advised in advance, and a comprehensive reason there would be a fee charged. In the event readings are found to be within 80% of tolerance, we adjust to best nominal readings as an included part of our metrology services. Field Calibrations’ calibration technicians adjust your equipment after all “BEFORE or AS-FOUND” readings are recorded whenever your equipment exceeds or nears its permitted limits. We then provide you the equipment calibration data having the “As-Found and corrected As-Left” readings. We consider that all part of our detailed instrument calibration services and think that’s one of the significant functions of a good calibration lab. When repairs are performed (always with your prior approval), we detail what was performed on your Certificate of Calibration.

Equipment recall for Recalibration coming due, Past Due notices, Customer Portal (coming soon) to access certification reports, and Exception Reports listing all equipment found out of tolerance or malfunctioning upon initial testing are included with being our valued customer. These are all essential calibration tools that we believe might make your job just a little easier and will greatly support the reliability and traceability of your quality assurance program in making sure it is thorough and correct. Accuracy, honesty, and above all else, traceable recorded measurements are the qualities of good calibration recall program. Please contact us with any questions. Thank you for considering Field Calibrations, Inc. we look forward to providing instrument calibration services to your business!

Capabilities by Discipline

Below is a list of Field Calibrations’ capabilities and the types of equipment that we calibrate. Trust us, it’s not exhaustive. Don’t see what you need? Give us a call.

For additional capabilities not shown, please call (480) 756-8828 or email us at


Balances (to 10 kg/400 lbs)
Counting Scales (to 10 kg/400 lbs)
Dial/Digital Indicators
Force Gauges (to 200 lbs)
Height Gauges
Pressure Gages (<10 kpsi)
Pressure Transducers
Push-Pull Testers (to 200 lbs)
Scales (to 10 kg/400 lbs)
Vacuum Gauges (to 30” Hg)


AC/DC Current Probes
Ampere Gauges
Attenuators (fixed and variable)
Belt Speed Controls/Indicators
Calibrators (call for various types)
Capacitance Meters
Clamp-on Ammeters
Coaxial Switches
Decade Resistance Boxes
Dielectric Testers/Test Sets
Digital Multimeters (to 6.5 digits)
Digital Panel Meters
Directional Couplers
Field Strength Meters
Frequency Counters
Function Generators
HD Solution Balances
Hipot Testers/Hypots
LCR Bridges & Meters
Megohm Bridges/Megohmmeters
Multimeters (to 6.5 digits)
Network Analyzers
Panel Meters
pH Meters/Controllers/Recorders
Power Sources & Supplies
Power Splitters
Omega Meters
Resistance Decades
Roll Laminators
Roll Solder Controls
Signal Generators
Spectrum Analyzers
Speed Indicators
Universal Timers
Video Bridges
Wrist Strap Testers


Attenuators (fixed and variable)
Calibrators (call for various types)
Coaxial Switches
Digital Multimeters (to 6.5 digits)
Digital Panel Meters
Directional Couplers
Frequency Counters
Function Generators
Network Analyzers
Panel Meters
Spectrum Analyzers


Dial/Digital Thermometers
Digital Pyrometers/Thermometers
Environmental Chambers
Furnace Temperature Profiles
Lab Furnaces
Lamination Presses
Meltpoint Apparatus
Ovens/Conveyor Ovens
Oven Temperature Profiles
Solder Pots
Tank Temperature Controls
Temperature Chambers
Temp/Hum Meters/Indctrs/Recrdrs
Temperature Profiles
Test Chambers
Thermocouple Calibrators
Thermocouple Thermometers


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